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What they say

“Harriet is very calm, understanding and professional and has the ability to see issues clearly and objectively.”

"Harriet is highly professional and an excellent communicator."

"Harriet embraces difficult issues with a healthy balance of firmness and delicacy"

"Harriet is quickly able to get to the heart of a matter by narrowing down the issues”

Would you recommend/ use mediation in the future? 

I would definitely recommend and use mediation again as it draws a conclusion to a very long and protracted legal battle for which I am grateful for Harriet's diligence.

How do you rate the performance of the mediator?

Excellent. Harriet was personable and very open in her approach. She came across as knowledgeable, warm and a great communicator.

"Harriet has strong interpersonal skills and an ability to resolve difficult situations with a good sense of humour and an injection of common sense. She is extremely professional , a good listener and quick to grasp the main areas of dispute whilst retaining a calm and friendly manner. As an experienced law lecturer she is a good facilitator and has a realistic and practical approach to problem solving."

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