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Image of Harriet Lipkin


  • ILM Accredited Professional Workplace Mediator

  • Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediator

  • PCGE (HE)

  • ILM Coaching Certificate Level 3:

  • Solicitor's Final Examination: College of Law

  • LLB (Hons): The University of Sheffield

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About me

My overall approach is to create a sense of flexibility and informality enabling the parties to preserve relationships and move forward. My role is impartial, and all discussions are confidential.


As a CMC Registered Civil/Commercial Mediator I help explore creative solutions, free from the constraints of a courtroom. I am also a panel member at Promediate.

As part of the mediation team at the University of Manchester, I work on employee disputes. The aim is to restore good working relationships between the parties, and hopefully avoid costly formal procedures. 

As a community mediator with Bolton at Home, I also help to resolve conflicts between neighbours and build community relationships. 

Being a solicitor brings a wealth of professional skills and experience to mediation. My main areas of expertise are in land and property, but I am able to help with any type of business and workplace dispute.

I am also a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Manchester. My many years of course leadership, assessing moots and dealing with student issues have sharpened my ability to be impartial and objective.

My years of teaching experience make me a good communicator.
Coaching and mentoring colleagues and students from diverse cultural backgrounds has also made me a skilled listener, facilitator and problem solver.

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